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Precision-grade cables for pro-audio, video production, commercial A/V and broadcast applications. Manufactured to industry leading standards, Gepco cable delivers the performance and bandwidth required for the transmission of the latest high resolution audio, video, and data formats.

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Excellence starts with innovative design. Produced with the same technology and process control utilized in the manufacture of cables for broadcast applications, the SheerWire by Gepco line provides an unrivaled level of performance to the Commercial A/V Market. With integrated design, manufacturing, and quality control, SheerWire delivers exceptional electrical and mechanical specifications to meet or exceed the requirements for the leading-edge audio, video, data and control formats found in Commercial A/V systems. By definition, “sheer” means pure, clear. When demanding Commercial A/V applications require a pure, undiluted signal for exceptional results, SheerWire by Gepco is the solution.

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